Improve quality of life for residents in the Aggbrig and Belle Vue area by working in partnership with residents, the voluntary and community sectors, service providers and statutory agencies.

Would you pay keep the Neighbourhood Management Team

NMT Campaign Report

by Sam Liddicott

The Campaign to save the Agbrigg & Belle Vue Neighbourhood Management Team has been hard work for many people involved.

Jon Trickett (MP) Offers Support for Campaign to keep NMT

by Najeeda Asghar

Our local resident Mr Wasti was standing near the Zakariya Mosque when he met MP John Trickett alongside with Charlie Keith (Labour candidate for Wakefield South in the 2010 District Council Election).

Jon Tricket (MP), Mr. Wasti, Najeeda Asghar, Charlie Keith

They were both in Agbrigg visiting the New Mosque.

The weak objections to continuing NMT

The Wakefield South Ward Agbrigg and Belle Vue Councillor Fact File: December 2009 talks about the Neighbourhood Management Pilot Scheme.

Despite taking half a page, councillors only raise one bogus objection and spend the rest of the text repeating the history of the scheme as if that were a reason for not changing, and apparently attempting to persuade residents to take a lucky dip in place of something that is working well.

I'll cover the objection first:

The bogus objection

Councillors state:

Campaign: Save the Neighbourhood Management Team

For the past two and a half years, our Neighbourhood Management Team in the have served the interests of the community - but we don't have to lose them! Read on how to save them:

What we could stand to lose next year

Have you thought about volunteering?

With the Neighbourhood Management Pilot ending in March 2010, the Community Association and resident members of the Neighbourhood Management Board are concerned that this will leave a huge void in help and support that has been available to our community.

Links have been made with many statutory bodies, e.g. police, neighbourhood environment services, W.D.H., the fire service etc, forging excellent links that have resulted in some spectacular improvements in our area and we want this to continue.


The Neighbourhood Management pilot scheme, commenced in April 2007, will complete in April 2010. We have had over 60 main projects – that's one every two weeks so far, including some ongoing projects.

2009 Community Impact Days in Agbrigg & Belle Vue

by the Agbrigg & Belle Vue Neighbourhood Management Team

The Neighbourhood Management Team hosted two Impact Days on 19th and 25th July, which were attended by service providers and over 250 residents having a say in improving this area.

Flags at the corner of Agbrigg Road and Doncaster Road

Neighbourhood Management Update

The Neighbourhood Management team have exciting plans for 2009, we have recently received planning permission for community flags which will be positioned along Agbrigg Road.  The flags will carry pictures which have been designed with input from local groups. So watch out!

Environment 2008 Report

Dave Turner, Neighbourhood Action Impact Team Leader West

The 12th May saw an army of budding green fingers from Sandal Magna School who came to assist Steve Brear (nursery manager ) and myself to plant up concrete planters with sustainable plants, these are situated around Belle Vue and Agbrigg.

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